Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Accelerate Your Career: Productivity Tips for Students

Accelerate Your Career: Productivity Tips for Students

If you really want to accelerate your career, these simple strategies can boost your productivity, expand your network and assist you with the positions and roles you want in your professional life.

Network … network… network – this essential relationship building practice is essential to not only build your reputation and profile but also to assist you understand industries, hear of opportunities and get word out about your expertise. This life skill will help you learn more about others, more about yourself and this is how the really great jobs get offered. Develop your network before you need it.

Seek mentors – seek out people you can learn from, find someone you admire and determine if you can be their mentee. This will really accelerate your professional career and your personal development. Learn from their wisdom and experience.

Be an exceptional presenter – get great at this skill! Any chance you get to jump on your feet and present will build your confidence; show others your skills and open doors of opportunity for you. This skill is highly valued in the business world; this will quickly put you in a leadership position.

Create a plan – build your own business plan or marketing plan (remember you are the product), and stick to your plan. Write down your goals and place them somewhere you can see them everyday.

Be authentic – be yourself 100% of the time. People want to get to know you, they value honesty and integrity – be true to yourself.

Develop time management and organizational skills – regardless of where you work these two areas are valued by all employers. Identify areas you may wish to develop and seek help building your expertise in these areas.

Learn project management skills – this includes communication, planning and budgeting. Develop this skill early in your career and watch your promotions!

Be a veracious reader – consume books on multiple topics. Enjoy them, bury yourself in them and stay up to date on current thinking. Consult the New York Times best seller list if you want inspiration.

Be a phenomenal marketer – market yourself, your programs, your company, and your skills. Be your own publicist.

Get involved – volunteer, get involved in the colleague, alumni, community, serving in your local area. Whatever you are passionate about, find a way to get involved. Volunteer whenever you can as you make great connections, learn new skills and you even identify potential mentors or job opportunities this way.

Good luck! Applying these simple but effective strategies will take you time, but investing in them all will make you a valuable asset to any organization.­

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